Chiquitita's Clays & Craft Supplies

Chiquitita’s Clays & Craft Supplies aims to give you a distinctive crafting experience - 
“A Unique Way To Craft”.

We proudly import handcrafted clay dolls from talented modeling clay artists worldwide. Our diverse range of intricate and delicate designs which we guarantee to be one of a kind and pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of dolls.

All our clays are ordered in limited quantities to allow you to have a unique product without over saturation of your market and ensure originality between our customers products.

Final Release: Honey Maker

Honey Maker is back with popular restock items fairies and animals we also new designs of mermaids, superheroes and characters.

Monday 5th Dec - 7:30PM (NSW Time)
Release Times:7:30PM - NSW/VIC/TAS
6:30PM - QLD
7:00PM - SA
6:00PM - NT
4:30PM - WA


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