Collection: Direct Transfer Prints

Direct to fabric transfers! No more weeding, No more vinyl and use that extra time to make something fabulous.

Direct Transfer to Film commonly known as DTF, it is an exciting relevantly new digital printing method and is an alternate printing process to sublimation, vinyl, screen printing.

Temp: 140-150C

Pressure: Heavy and uncovered

Time: 15 Seconds

Peel: COOL

Press a second time - Covered for 5-10 seconds

 🚫Please Note: It is recommended to have a heat press, prints may not work with a home iron or cricut easy press.


  • 1 x Transfer Print
  • Size approx. 17-26cm Wide
  • Transfers are capable of pressing to cotton, silk, polyster, denim and work on both white and dark garments
  • Once the print has been pressed to the garment, the print won’t crack like screen printing and has a very soft feel due to the water-based ink used. The print will with stand washing and will stay vibrant and if printed, cured and pressed correctly the print should outlast the garment.