Bluestar® Butterfly Kit Ejector Cutter

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Three functions in one product: cut, mark details and eject the dough with a surprising finish! A Butterfly Marker Ejector Kit package is made up of three cutters of different sizes, so you have much more decoration options.


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Product: Butterfly Marker Ejector Kit

Purpose: Cutting and marking dough

Size: Ø from 4.4 to 7.9cm

Weight: 57.0g

Number of pieces: 03

Material: Polystyrene

Product suitable for cutting biscuit, American paste, cold porcelain, clay, sugar paste, modeling clay and EVA dough.

Please Note - Due to the handmade nature of this item:

  • Item may have paint blemishes, minimal marks or fluff particles visible on clay
  • There may be slight variance between true clay and product shown here in image
  • Please handle the clay item with care for longevity

Please note that colours may vary slightly from what is displayed on your monitor, depending on your screens resolution.

WARNING - All clay pieces are handmade with love and are not intended as toys. They may contain small parts that can present as a choking hazard.

Disclaimer: Personal/ Individual use for creating finished products only. This Silicone Mould cannot be replicated or reproduced. On purchasing this product, you agree to these conditions.