Bluestar® Myosotis Kit Ejector Cutter

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Inspired by the flowers also known as “don't forget me”, the Myosotis Ejector Kit products are perfect for creating ornaments for cakes, sweets, appliqués for party favors and decoration items. There are four sizes that provide accurate cuts along with the system that ejects the cut piece, so you can apply it directly wherever you want. Optimize your time with this product!

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Product: Myosotis Ejector Kit

Purpose: Cut dough

Size: Ø from 2.7 to 3.4cm

Weight: 30g

Number of pieces: 04

Material: Polystyrene

Product suitable for cutting biscuit, American paste, cold porcelain, clay, sugar paste, modeling clay and EVA dough.


Please Note - Due to the handmade nature of this item:

  • Item may have paint blemishes, minimal marks or fluff particles visible on clay
  • There may be slight variance between true clay and product shown here in image
  • Please handle the clay item with care for longevity

Please note that colours may vary slightly from what is displayed on your monitor, depending on your screens resolution.

WARNING - All clay pieces are handmade with love and are not intended as toys. They may contain small parts that can present as a choking hazard.

Disclaimer: Personal/ Individual use for creating finished products only. This Silicone Mould cannot be replicated or reproduced. On purchasing this product, you agree to these conditions.